Police are searching for Yongama Phikwa who brutally assaulted and burned his niece Nikita Aliyah Mgoduka with a two-plate stove.

Nikita was allegedly beaten by her uncle Yongama Phikwa because she was out with her male cousins ​​and when she returned he decided to beat her.

In an interview with Nikita on the matter,she said, “She does not know why she was beaten, but she thinks he did not want to hit her but the intention was to try to kill her because he burned her with a two-plate stove,” Nikita said.

Nikita says this happened a few days after returning from Tanzania and she doesn’t really know why he hit her that’s why she went to the police station to open a case, maybe in court he will be able to tell her why he beaten her like this

The photos were posted on Facebook by Nikita Aliyah Mgoduka who was beaten by her uncle and wrote:”The only powerful Protection I have is from those souls I touch daily. Thankyou
What I Thank God for is I came back to Life. Even though I last saw this world around the 18th March I only learnt the date today.

For What’s worth?
What is a gain of a hand that brutalizes such a pure soul?
What sort of a Human, Blood I mean? Long Lost Family Blood Line who hold such emnity for the only last born who endured Life on her own for all this time when you meet eventually you show 2face?

What Society is this that an independent yet in need young woman is a Threat to the lives of the forever fearful?

The Question was One and Is One??? Why Are You Killing Me????????

I do not start wars because I never stop until I feel satisfied by the Justice served for me!! My Flesh is not for Sorry I am nobody’s Punching Bag”,Nikita said.

Yongama Phikwa is on the run and is wanted for aggravated assault and set fire to his niece Nikita Aliyah Mgoduka with a two-plate stove.

There are reports that he may be in Selby Marshall Town or in the Turfontein area.

If you know of Yangoma Phikwa’s whereabouts contact the John Foster police station or Ms Thandeka PCO (ANC Regional Office) on 083 395 5216 or Ms Thembi (Community Safety Central) on 083 667 0225

This is really sad we must do something to end all Gender Based Violence (GBV) and it must end before we can lose more lives.

People were shocked on social media to see Nikita being beaten by a family member who was supposed to protect her

This is shocking and sad, some even saying he should be arrested for this.

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